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  • Type the building or house number into the Street Number field.
  • Enter the entire street name into the Street field, Example: ?4th St S?. For a numbered street, avenue, or other type of road, use ?1ST? for first, ?2ND? for second, ?3RD? for third, and ?4TH? for fourth, etc. The abbreviations in the box below must be used instead of typing the full word. Examples: use ?56TH LN N? for 56th Lane North, or ?2nd AVE S? for 2nd Avenue South.
  • For an address in the form of ?221 NW Jefferson Cir N? simply type the street name without the Direction suffix (ie. Omit the NW and type Jefferson Cir N)
  • Addresses are not case sensitive
  N: North AVE: Avenue DR: Drive RD: Road
  S: South BLVD: Boulevard LN: Lane ST: Street
  E: East CIR: Circle PL: Place TERR: Terrace
  W: West CT: Court PT: Point WAY: WAY