Parcel Summary (as of 02-Dec-2023)
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Year Homestead Use % Status
2025 No 0%
2024 No 0%
2023 No 0%
Property Exemptions & Classifications
No Property Exemptions or Classifications found. Please note that Ownership Exemptions (Homestead, Senior, Widow/Widower, Veterans, First Responder, etc… will not display here).
Miscellaneous Parcel Info
Last Recorded Deed Sales Comparison Census Tract Evacuation Zone Flood Zone Elevation Certificate Plat Bk/Pg
16653/0380 $108,200 121030230002 NON EVAC Current FEMA Maps Check for EC 9/19
2023 Final Values
Year Just/Market Value Assessed Value/SOH Cap County Taxable Value School Taxable Value Municipal Taxable Value
2023 $92,794 $60,098 $60,098 $92,794 $60,098
Value History (yellow indicates corrected value)
Year Homestead Exemption Just/Market Value Assessed Value/SOH Cap County Taxable Value School Taxable Value Municipal Taxable Value
2022 N $104,358 $75,296 $75,296 $104,358 $75,296
2021 N $89,294 $68,451 $68,451 $89,294 $68,451
2020 N $74,647 $62,228 $62,228 $74,647 $62,228
2019 N $72,129 $56,571 $56,571 $72,129 $56,571
2018 N $65,657 $51,428 $51,428 $65,657 $51,428
2023 Tax Information

Do not rely on current taxes as an estimate following a change in ownership. A significant change in taxable value may occur after a transfer due to a loss of exemptions, reset of the Save Our Homes or 10% Cap, and/or market conditions. Please use our Tax Estimator to estimate taxes under new ownership.

Tax Bill 2023 Millage Rate Tax District
View 2023 Tax Bill 19.8587 (SP)
Sales History
Sale Date Price Qualified / Unqualified Vacant / Improved Grantor Grantee Book / Page
17-Mar-1997 $29,000 Q I VORASANE SINH SOMSAMOUT, ANOUSONE 09640/1213
30-Sep-1984 $30,100 Q 05845/2133
31-Dec-1980 $26,000 Q 05041/1437
2023 Land Information
Property Use Land Dimensions Unit Value Units Method Total Adjustments Adjusted Value
Vacant 44x110 $2,900 44.00 FF .9125 $116,435
2023 Extra Features
Description Value/Unit Units Total Value as New Depreciated Value Year
No Extra Features on Record.
Permit Data

Permit information is received from the County and Cities. This data may be incomplete and may exclude permits that do not result in field reviews (for example for water heater replacement permits). We are required to list all improvements, which may include unpermitted construction. Any questions regarding permits, or the status of non-permitted improvements, should be directed to the permitting jurisdiction in which the structure is located.

Permit Number Description Issue Date Estimated Value


DEMOLITION 02/28/2022 $4,100


ROOF 01/06/2016 $8,211