Homestead Exemption Status

Updated 02-Dec-2023

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Once an application is submitted, an Exemptions Specialist will review the application and supporting documentation. If there are concerns or questions regarding the application, an Exemptions Specialist will contact you directly.

Applications are approved by mid-June; the status of an approved exemption will change to ‘green’ on your property record’s detail page, and the status listed above for the appropriate year will change to “Yes.” In some cases, applications may be denied. Denial notifications will be mailed via certified mail on or before July 1.

In August, your Notice of Proposed Property Taxes (TRIM Notice) will confirm your exemption status and provide you with the proposed tax amount. You may forward this to your mortgage company which may use it to determine escrow payments.

Should you have additional questions regarding your exemption status, you can contact us by clicking here, or by calling (727) 464-3207. Additional supporting documentation may be emailed to