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Change of Ownership or Control, Non-Homestead Property

An owner of non-homestead property that has changed ownership or control after January 1 when the property was last assessed at just value, must notify the property appraiser of the change via the Florida Department of Revenue form Change of Ownership or Control, Non-Homestead Property - DR-430 unless a deed or other document of the change was recorded with the clerk of the court.

A change of ownership or control means:

  • A sale or foreclosure,
  • A transfer of legal title or beneficial title in equity to any person, or
  • A cumulative transfer of control, or of ownership of more than 50%, of the legal entity that owned the property when it was last assessed at just value.

Send the completed form to the property appraiser in the county where the parcel is located. If one owner completes and sends a Form DR-430 to the property appraiser, another owner is not required to send an additional Form DR-430.

You do not need to complete Form DR-430 if:

  • A deed or other instrument documenting a change of ownership of the property has been recorded with the county clerk of court.
  • The transfer corrects an error.
  • The transfer is between legal and equitable title.
  • The transfer is between husband and wife, including a transfer to a surviving spouse or on dissolution of marriage, and the property is non-homestead, residential property under section 193.1554(1), F.S. This does not apply to non-residential property.
  • For a publicly traded company, the transfer occurred through the buying and selling of shares on a public exchange. This does not apply to a merger or acquisition by another company.