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  • January 1

    This is the Date of Assessment which determines property value, ownership, exemptions and classifications.

    Tangible Personal Property (TPP) Tax Returns are mailed to business owners.

  • February 1

    A notice regarding automatically renewed Exemptions and Classifications are mailed to property owners requesting any updates to their exemption/classification status. If there are no updates, the notice can be disregarded. Click on Exemptions in the main menu above to learn more about Exemptions and Classifications. 

  • March 1

    Filing deadline for portability, exemptions, classifications and assessment reductions.

    This is also the deadline to apply for the prior year Catastrophic Event Tax Refund.

  • April 1

    Filing deadline for Tangible Personal Property (TPP) tax return without penalty.

  • May 1

    Commercial real property Income and Expense (I&E) surveys are due.

  • June 1

    Senior Exemption income documentation is due. Even though the application deadline is March 1, applicants have until June 1 to supply the income documentation.

  • July 1

    Property Appraiser must complete the assessment of all property and submit roll to the FL Dept of Revenue for approval, and must certify the preliminary taxable value to each taxing authority.

    Property Appraiser must notify property owners of intent to deny timely filed applications for exemptions, classifications and portability.

  • August 19

    Notice of Proposed Property Tax aka Truth in Millage (TRIM) Notices are mailed to all property owners. 

    Property owners who want to appeal their property value have 25 days from mailing of this Notice to file a Value Adjustment Board (VAB) petition with the Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller's office.

  • September 1

    Taxing Authorities hold public hearings during the month to adopt their final budget and millage rate.

  • September 13
  • October 4

    Taxing Authorities finalize their budgets and millage rates.

    The final Tax Roll is certified by the Property Appraiser and submitted to the Florida Department of Revenue. 

    The Property Appraiser extends the tax roll to the Tax Collector.

  • October 31

    Pinellas County Tax Collector mails tax bills and makes them available on their website at