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Appraise Us! What Our Customers Say About Us

We want to provide our customers with the very best possible service and getting feedback is very important to us. All comments, whether sent in-person, by mail, or online are reviewed.

“A+++++ 3rd visit to this office on VA disabilities with outstanding service each and every time. Thank you Mike and your folks for taking great care of we Vets.”


I was very impressed with every employee I've come in contact with at the Property Appraiser's Office! Congrats to your office! I made several phone calls to the office. The calls were answered promptly, everyone was more than courteous and helpful.


“Your site was easy to navigate, and I received a response within 48 hours. This is excellent service! Thank you so much for the ease of completing application and prompt response.”


“[Staff] was so helpful and answered my questions & concerns! Due to covid & long-term effects my paperwork was not up to date. She was reassuring and with a lingering cough, she gave me a cough drop! Triple Gold Star!!!!”


“Had exceptional service, very fast service. Nice talking to a person on the phone who was very helpful.”


“I would like you to know that you have exceptional employees. [Staff] was knowledgeable, efficient, and most of all a kind, polite, customer centered representative of your office.”


“Just wanted to thank your team for the outstanding work. I called today asking why my taxes increased so much and you gave me a very good explanation. Additionally, I received two calls back regarding the issue. You are definitely setting the standard for the County! Keep up the good work!”


“[Staff] was extremely helpful and took her time to explain everything. Awesome customer service.”


“She was incredible! So helpful, kind, fast! WOW”


“She was perfect. Not the typical state/county employment. She showed empathy to my problem and was intent on a solution. Thank her!”


“[Staff] was so courteous and explained the reason why I didn't get the corrected exemption. Contacted [Staff] who sent the app right away. Both these employees need to be recognized for their knowledge, helpfulness and kindness in working with veterans with disabilities. It was truly a good experience and I glad that we have such a good staff working for your office. Keep hiring good employees like these two.”


“Thank you, I was handled with care & professionalism.”


"[Staff] was very friendly & helpful on the phone & responded right away to my email. She also offered helpful suggestions to expedite our process.”


“This process was so quick and efficient; I was very impressed!”


“The best phone response I have ever had in 35 years in FL. Efficient, expedient, easier to understand. I am so thankful.”


“This kind of a personalized governmental service is totally new to me and would never have happened in the state I came from.”


“The whole staff is amazing and kind and smart and helpful!”


“We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your efforts in approving this application. So very seldom do government employees respond in such an efficient and dedicated manner.”

Collage of descriptive words used by our customers such as professional, helpful, knowledgeable, excellent, friendly, patient.