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Notice of Proposed Property Tax / Truth in Millage (TRIM)

The Notice of Proposed Property Taxes is a very important document relating to your proposed property value and taxes for the current year. It is your official notice that includes:

  • Market Value of your property, as determined by the Property Appraiser, as of January 1st
  • Property tax exemptions applied to your property
  • Tax rates and taxes proposed by your local taxing authorities
  • Dates and times all taxing authorities hold hearings to adopt their tax rates and budgets

This is not a tax bill. You will receive your tax bill around November 1st from the Tax Collector. To access a Notice of Proposed Property Taxes/TRIM Notice, first locate the parcel using the Quick Search. Once at the parcel level, open the "Tools" tab located on the right-side of the screen and select the TRIM Notice button.

A guide to help you navigate the Notice is available for online viewing or downloading as is a sample of the TRIM Notice.

If you have questions or need further clarification, call our friendly and informative team members or visit one of our four locations. Many of your value and exemption questions can be answered quickly.