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Determine If Land Subsidence Exists

Land subsidence is a gradual settling or sudden sinking of the Earth's surface that can cause damage to buildings and infrastructure. This can occur via natural or man-made causes. Repairs are typically done by a licensed contractor who obtains a permit. If you know the parcel address, lookup the parcel detail page permit records to view any potential subsidence permits. You can also contact the jurisdiction’s building department to verify if a subsidence permit was generated.

The Advanced Search function on the website can also be used to generate a subsidence report. After narrowing down your search parameters in STEP 1 – Select Search Parameters, proceed to STEP 2 – Select Output Fields, expand the Land and Other Property Characteristics section and check the Subsidence box. Finally select your desired output type in STEP 3 – Download Selected Data and click to download the file.

If you wish to have your property inspected for subsidence, you would need to contact a private engineering company of your choice.