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Real Property Transfer Codes and Definitions

These codes are assigned when reporting real property ownership transfers (sales) to the Department of Revenue under Sections193.114(2)(n) and 195.0995(1), Florida Statutes. They assist in defining whether a transfer of property is categorized as qualified or unqualified.

Transfer CodeDescriptionQualified or Unqualified
01Qualified through examination of deedQ
02Qualified by credible, verifiable, doc. evidenceQ
03Qual. at time of sale, phys char. chg after saleU
04Qual. at time of sale, legal char. chg after saleU
05Qual. at time of sale, multiple parcels PINU
06Arm's length transaction transferring a single parcel that crosses one or more county linesU
11Corrective, QC or Tax Deed or Minimum Doc StampsU
12Deeds to or from financial institutionsU
13Conveying cemetery lots or parcelsU
14Conveying Life Estate or occupancy > 90 daysU
15Consideration is indeterminableU
16Conveying partial interestU
17Religious, charitable or benevolent organizationsU
18Gov: Fed, St, local, muni, educ, shrf, court,TIITFU
19Trustees in bankruptcy, executors, guardian, recvU
20Utility companiesU
21Contract for deed, agreement for deed (does not include Warranty Deed associated with seller financing)U
30Affiliated parties: fam, corp, bus, landlord/tenU
31Trade or exchange of landU
32Pre-construction saleU
33Includes incomplete or unbuilt common propertyU
34Satisfaction or pay in full of rec. prop contractU
35Includes non-typical amount of personal propertyU
36Involves atypical costs of saleU
37Sale not exposed to open market U
38Extreme circumstances: forced sale, duress U
39Sale price different than doc stamp sale price U
40Involves non-mkt fin. or assump of non-mkt lease U
41Other unqualified: Doc. '&' DOR approval required U
42Transfer involving mortgage fraud per a law enforcement agency's notification of probable causeU
43Transfer where the sale price (as the documentary stamps indicate) is verified to be an allocated price as part of a package or bulk transactionU
70Deed in lieu of Foreclosure U
71Qualified Short Sale Q
72Unqualified Short Sale U
77Post Foreclosure Qualified Q
78Certificate of Title U
79Certificate of Title Multi U
81DO NOT USE Forcl: FROM financial institution U
82DO NOT USE Short Sale Q
83Purchased for LandQ
85Purchased for Land ā€“ Multiple ParcelsQ
95Improved ā€“ Multiple ParcelsQ
98Unable to process transfer due to deed or transfer instrument errors (examples: incomplete or incorrect legal description, incorrect grantor)Q
99Transfer was recorded or otherwise discovered in the previous 90 days and qualification decision is pending; invalid for transfers recorded or otherwise discovered more than 90 days earlierQ
AAdd/Delete After Sale U
BQuit Claim Deed U
CContract for Deed U
CDCertificate of Title - Tax Deed U
DDummy Deed U
EProperty Trade Involved U
FFamily/Relatives Involved U
GDeeding into Trust U
HUnusual Financing U
IDisqual by Deeds-Info from Appr U
JCourt Judgments U
LGrantor Retains Life Estate U
MMultiple U
MPMultiple Sale Pending Verification Q
MSMulti Parcel Sale U
NGovt, Guardian/Foreclosure U
ODOver 1 Deed = Sale U
PPartial Sale of Property U
RRefile, Corr. Deed U
SGrantor Keeps Interest U
TTangible Personal Property U
VVA HUD Below Just Value U
WDWarranty Deed for AG/D U
XSale Letter Selling $ Gt 2% U
YDoesn't Meet Other Criteria U
ZAppraiser - Must explainU