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Obtain Protected Property Information

For our office to release any exempted property information related to a protected name parcel, Section 119.071(4), Florida Statutes, requires a release be signed.

For qualifying protected name applicants, the only parties that may obtain unredacted records from our office include:

These records may be obtained by submitting the appropriate completed Release of Information Currently Exempt from Public Records form (no notary required).

For our office to release any exempted information related to a protected name parcel to a person who is not authorized by Florida Statutes to view the information, Section 119.071(4), Florida Statutes , requires a release be signed by the property owner in the presence of a notary. The release must specify the information to be released, the party who is authorized to receive the information and the method of delivery. 

For further information and the forms required for release of information, please visit How Do I... Protect My Name from Public Record Release.