Non-Active Parcel List

This report lists parcel numbers that have been deactivated since 2009. This is done as a result of combining or splitting properties. If a new parcel number is created, the reason is defined as one of the following:

  • Combined Part From – when the subject parcel receives a portion of land from another parcel.
  • Combined With – if two parcels of land are combined, one parcel number is deleted and the other parcel number remains active.
  • Split From – if one parcel of land is split into two (or more) parcels, a new parcel number is created and the original parcel number also remains active.
  • Split Part To – if a parcel of land is split and part goes to a new parcel number or added to an existing parcel number.
  • Additional Parent Parcel for New Plats – this reason code was deactivated after 2018. Identified parent or child parcel numbers specific to newly created condominiums or subdivisions. After 2018 “Split from” or “Split Part To” reason codes are used.