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Mike Twitty Awarded R.R. “Bob” Walden Award

Mike Twitty, MAI, CFA, is the 2022 recipient of the R.R. “Bob” Walden Award, recently presented by the Property Appraiser’s Association of Florida (PAAF).

The R.R. “Bob” Walden Award is given annually and represents the excellence of the association's property appraisers here in the State of Florida. This extremely prestigious award is given to the most outstanding property appraiser in the state. Property Appraiser Twitty’s unwavering commitment to public service, innovation, and excellence in mass appraisal has undoubtedly led him to be awarded this incredible accomplishment.

"Grateful and extremely honored to be recognized by my fellow appraisers in this manner”, said Property Appraiser, Mike Twitty. “I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve our association and our citizens locally and statewide in meaningful ways."

The Property Appraiser’s Association of Florida (PAAF) began in 1903 and its current membership includes 59 of the 67 Florida Property Appraisers. The work of the association and its members have brought vast changes to Florida's ad valorem assessment process in addition to the dedication of uniform, equitable and accurate assessments throughout the state of Florida.